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In a way Peppy was the beginning of the rescue retirement home long before Harmony and Hope came to be. We purchased Peppy in 1997. His knees were what is referred to as blown. His owner would inject his knees so Peppy could not feel the pain, then ride him to climb the hills where he hunted. When I learned his owner had not paid his feed and stall bill and the stable owner was about to send Peppy through the auction, we purchased this very regal Quarter Horse and brought him home.
Peppy was born in California May 01, 1986.  We were told Peppy won championships as a CA competition rope horse.  He then came to Arizona to work on a cattle ranch where he too taught the rancher's daughter how to ride; we understand she was so young in the beginning that she'd "climb up" Peppy's leg to reach the saddle. The young girl later competed on other horses winning championships. When Peppy's knees became too bad for ranch work or competition Peppy was sold.
Several years have gone by since the last time I rode Peppy but in the  past we covered a lot of casual walking miles together at the old Phoenix ranch. The past five or so years we spent our hours hand walking, I think he enjoyed that just as much as I did. And, how Peppy loved his snacks, I think perhaps his favorite was cantaloupe and of course carrots, apples, oatmeal cookies and actually just about anything I was eating he would try. Peppy could talk and do the best sounds tilting his head to the left, then to the right, opening his mouth wide to make little sounds come out and he knew just how funny he was when he did that.  To say Peppy loved children is a very short description - Peppy deeply loved children, he just enjoyed them - just as much as they loved being with him, our homepage picture shows a young lady gaining her first experience on his back.
Peppy had ranch jobs that he did for us as well. Peppy was not gelded until six years of age. While we were breeding, Peppy was the tease horse. A job he took very seriously with great levels of respect and affection to the mares, never taking his "job" beyond his tease status. We never doubted Peppy's judgment on the mare - he was as good, if not at times, better than an ultra-sound reading. And, Peppy's influence on the colt weanlings is legacy - Peppy said no biting and they clearly understood it meant no biting; that schooling carried over to us humans as well. For Peppy there seem to be so many words to describe him, the more I think about it, the word Gentleman seems to be the greatest compliment to give Peppy.
A few weeks back we moved Peppy to a newly built large pasture; there he had lots of room and also a new type of shoe on his front hoofs that really helped him. During the night Peppy came out of the pen. When I fed I found I was following his hoof prints on the ground.  Peppy had walked around to each horse's pen, perhaps he knew he was going to leave, that it was his time. Maybe he went around to each horse to say his good byes. When his walk was over he came up by the house and died not too far from the front door. 
Peppy had been with me for 12 years.  May first, Peppy would have celebrated his 23rd birthday. A very kind man, Edward Elbrock, who owns a local water systems company in Animas came over to dig Peppy's grave. With respect and compassion Mr. Elbrock wrapped Peppy in all his sleeping blankets and then closed his grave.
Thank you Peppy for all the years and wonderful memories.
May 01, 1986 - April 07, 2009
IMA Pepsi Lite
Great grandson of Peppy San - Three Bars Sired by Pepsi Lite Chex out of Dam The Ole Spirit
Dancer, along with some 40 dogs was removed by the authorities from a residential backyard in the spring of 2005.  Dancer was adopted from a California dog pound by Heidi for $49.50. By late February 2006, Dancer had gained several hundred pounds and was then able to travel, Heidi contacted Ruth wishing to transfer the young mare to Harmony and Hope. It seemed the young mare never realized she had been poorly cared for, she loved people regardless of what she had been through. Time of neglect caught up with Dancer and in May 2008 Dancer passed away.
Run freely black filly, your legs no longer crooked, your heart strong. May your eyes always sparkle as you dance through God's pastures. 
It was an honor and a privilege to have Hermes, a beautiful black stallion with just a few white hairs on his forehead, an unknown champion, spend his last few months at Harmony and Hope.
Hermes, born in Kentucky in 1982, a son of Mr. Leader and Ivory Tower, was purchased at the 1983 Keeneland Sale. John Lucian then brought the colt to California where Hermes began his racing career on April 20, 1985, his first out winning a 6 furlongs race by 16 lengths. Hermes raced in California from 1985 to 1989 with 16 starts, of which he won 5. One of those wins came in April 1988, a $100,000 claimer, after being off from January of the prior year. Mr. Lucian passed away in 2005 and after probate closed in 2006 Hermes and his stable mate, Paradis, came to Harmony and Hope. Hermes, a regal beautiful horse, a playful gentle stallion, loved moments he spent with people and those who visited with Hermes walked away in love with him. Mid summer of 2006 Hermes passed away from cancer.
Your time came too soon, though only here a few months, you are missed with the pain one feels in the loss of an old friend.

Swiss Princess
Swiss Princess, born in Kentucky April 22, 1985, the daughter of Text and Swiss, and grand-daughter of Vaguely Noble, was a former brood mare from the University of Arizona Equine School. Swiss retired to our Phoenix ranch during the fall of 2000 when she was released from the school's breeding program.
Swiss came very set in her ways and more than once in a while rather stand offish. Swiss mellowed just a bit as the years passed, but only a bit. Once in a while she would offer her appreciation for the care she received, especially after a bath as she paraded back to her pen. I know this as she would arch her neck, drop her head tilting it to the side, that eye fully focused on me, mouth opening and closing as she raised her knees to the sky telling the world this was her parade and I was to understand this was her Thank You. Then again, she could have been telling me her bath time was too short. As seems to be the norm of mares from "her generation" Swiss simply said
"You Are Welcome". And I would obediently say "Thank You" for the privilege of grooming such an elegant one. Swiss' independent nature was her trademark.
Then there was the tender side of Swiss that once in a while she would let you see - it could have surfaced because of a carrot or apple slice or at night during the winter when her blanket was put on - and sometimes when rubbing her withers she would forget herself turning toward you and rubbing your shoulder blade with her upper lip. We had the pleasure to watch Swiss with her last foal, and after eight babies, simply put, she was one terrific Mom.
March 9, 2011, forty five days before her twenty sixth Birthday Swiss passed away.
Lucky and Jenny
Lucky and Jenny came into Harmony and Hope during the spring of 2007. Their owner moved and no longer desired to keep them. Lucky once was a pack donkey and Jenny once a cart donkey. Best estimate on their age when they joined Harmony and Hope was that they were at least in their mid to late twenties more likely early thirties. Lucky was Mr. Social and hogged all the attention AND snacks and especially so if there were children giving out his treats. Jenny would stand back and watch, waiting for her turn. It seemed she thought it alright if he was The Boss. Lucky and Jenny came with several health issues, Lucky diabetic and Jenny with very neglected hooves causing sever arthritis in her front legs. Even with their health issues, Lucky and Jenny were such special, fun pets not only to pet, groom, visit with, but to watch them walk among the horses when they were turned out to exercise. Lucky always aware where Jenny had wandered off to - braying "you have gone off too far", Jenny just ignoring him until he'd run after her and drive her back into the circle of the horses. Lucky was humanely euthanized during the fall of 2010; a year and week later, October 8, we found Jenny had passed away in her sleep during the night.
Pleasing Harmony
Born in Washington May 1996, Pleasing Harmony is a daughter of Harmony Creek and Pleasing Value.
Pleasing Harmony began her racing career in 2000 and after 9 starts with one second, one third earning $1,935 "Harmony" was retired in 2001.
Though many horses had been brought to the ranch when their time on the track was up, this mare's nickname carried over when naming the rescue.  
On June 4, 2014 this gentle, kind mare became a member of God’s pastures.
Harmony came to the ranch filled with gentleness. Yet, she was strong; a force the other horses acknowledged immediately. There were no confrontations – there was just the Harmony look. Harmony helped me feel the quiet way to reach a horse, to help them trust.
There is never a good time for death. Harmony was young in years, young in beauty, young in heart. Her liver failed and Harmony was euthanized.