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Born in Kentucky April 2002, Medwick is a son of War Chant and Tres Facile..
Medwick earned $1200.00 in his first race July 2006.
Medwick ran 10 races with 2 wins, 2 seconds, one 3rd; total earnings of $23.200 .
Early 2007 during a work Medwick experienced a front leg fracture; his prognosis after surgery and recovery was only fair for racing.  
In June of 2008 Medwick became a permanent resident at Harmony and Hope.
Medwick's special things in life are breakfast, mid day snack, dinner and to show his appreciation he is quick to perform well
practiced ballet, moving around in a circle on his back legs while reaching for the sky with his front hooves.
Medwick, gentle and affectionate, and with the most unruly mane, has the biggest brown eyes that just light up when he has visitors.

Born in Kentucky March 2004, Farmstone is a son of Grindstone and Chives.
Farmstone earned $1100.00 during his racing career from 2006 and 2007 with three starts before being retired after an injury.
"Stone" came to Harmony and Hope during the fall of 2007.  As a result of his rear leg stifle injury "Stone" is a permanent resident at Harmony and Hope.
"Stone" is still as playful as a yearling - though he will take time out for a good grooming followed with a snack or two.

Lauren Nicole
Born in California, January 1999, Lauren Nicole is a daughter of Vaudeville and Deb n Arron.
"Lauren" earned $6,065 during her two years of racing with 13 starts, one win, one second and one third.
In her last race during 2003 it was believed Lauren had "broken a front leg". By purchasing Lauren we rescued her from a slaughter bound transport trailer. Lauren was taken to our Phoenix ranch and within ten days was playing in the round pen, she had only suffered a bruise received from the horse running in front of her.
Lauren is still full of "fire" and yet as gentle and kind as you would ever ask a horse to be.
Miz Paradis
Born in California April 2004, Miz Paradis  is a daughter of Paradis and Therightoneleft. Her carreer spanned 25 starts in three years with three wins, three seconds, and two thirds earning $29,782.
Miz Paradis came to Harmony and Hope in September 2008. The easiest way to describe this beautiful chestnut mare is by using the word "lovebug". Oh yes, she dances as well. At 17 hands this very graceful mare will raise the left front hoof swinging side to side, then back and forth, and when asked she changes to the right hoof and repeats her performance.


Big Boy

We do not know Big Boy's real name, his age or where he was born.  Based on The Jockey Club records and what could be read of Big Boy's tattoo the best guess in 2009 was that he was at least 28 years old.
After retiring from the race track "Big Boy" went on to spend several years in the dressage showroom until retiring in his late teens with back issues.    
Though a gelding he watches over the mares with a quick eye and lets it be known they are his mares. 
There is no question as to who he thinks is the center of attention on the ranch.  He expects he will receive his treats first - for that matter, he expects his meals first. Yet, this demanding, handsome creature is truly as kind and gentle as they come - when he wants to be - otherwise he sees no need to be bothered. 
Each morning around 10 he plays in his water trough, thoroughly washing his face and splashing water down his chest and legs. Shortly, he will lie down for his mid morning nap, getting back up around noon to finish what hay is left from breakfast. He has quite a routine and we all follow it. Needless to say, "Big Boy" is a permanent resident of Harmony and Hope.


Cody's owner was no longer able to care for him and so he came to Harmony and Hope's care in 2006. Cody is almost thirty and blind in his right eye.
Dacota Desert

Born in Arizona February 1999, Dacota Desert is a son of Desert Rival and Dakota Native.
Dacota Desert ran 31 races, earning $34,898 with 10 wins. 3 seconds and 1 third from 2001 through 2004. After his last race on January 6, 2004 which he won and was claimed "Desert" was vanned off after the race. With sesamoid injuries in both front legs "Desert" was in layup until December 2004 when it was determined his chances of returning to the track was very poor.  With a one dollar Bill of Sale Ruth purchased "Desert" from Mr. Harrington and after a six hour trailer ride "Desert" arrived the day after Christmas at the Phoenix ranch for full retirement.  Ruth and "Desert" have a special bond, going back three years when she first met "Desert" at the track before his last race.  This bond is a relationship he shares with no one else.  When Desert says 'back off' to "outsiders" he means get out of my space and one had better listen carefully.

Born in California April 2000, Orestes is a son of Hermes and Vie.
Beginning his racing career June 2003 Orestes raced until April 2006 with 43 starts including seven wins, four seconds, and six thirds earning $37,273. With sesamoid injuries in both front legs Orestes retired to Harmony and Hope during May 2006. Orestes was indeed a hard working honest race horse. Orestes is a very gentle gelding, loving would describe him best. As his sire Hermes was, Orestes is a joy to care for. Orestes is a permanent resident at Harmony and Hope.
Friends of Fortune

Born in California March 1990 Friends of Fortune is the daughter of Beau's Eagle and Close Friend.
Friends of Fortune's racing career began in June 1992 with her second race she took her first win and after 24 starts, two first and two thirds Friends of Fortune retired in June 1994 with earnings of $6,222.
Foo Foo as Friends of Fortune became known was fortune as she found a life time home after her racing career.  During 2011 Foo Foo became a permanent resident of Harmony and Hope.
Rain or shine, Foo Foo really has little interest in her picture being taken.  Actually she would just as soon not be bothered too much - unless it is time to eat or if a chance to enjoy a really good roll in the sand is an option. Foo Foo is of "that" generation of Ladies.



Both Guns Blazing

Born in California March 1990, Both Guns Blazing is a son of Pirate's Bounty and Delight Me Too.
With 13 starts from 1992 through 1994 Both Guns Blazing had 2 wins, 4 seconds, and one third with earnings of $21,516.
After being pensioned during the spring of 2010 "Gunner" became a member of Harmony and Hope.  
Gunner is at times a bit disagreeable however he is always respectful which is a wonderful trait in any stallion.

F W Pirate

Born in New Mexico May 2005 F W Pirate is the son of Forever Whirl and Stolen Pirate.
Late summer 2008 Pirate began his race career with 16 starts, one win and one third, earning $2,982.00 with a severe bowed tendon Pirate retired after his last race in early 2011.
Mid summer of 2011 Pirate came to Harmony and Hope. Pirate is very special with gentle and affectionate ways. He too can do the jig for a snack and really do a dance at meal time. Pirate is just plain FUN.



Humoresque, daughter of Falstaff and C. C. Overdrive, was born  February 14, 1999 in California.  
“Humor’s” racing career began at Golden Gate with her first out November 24, 2001. After coming in 11th on December 8 at Golden Gate her next race January 5, 2002 was the first of 56 starts in Arizona. After the second Arizona race January 18, 2002 Humor took time off from racing until February 4, 2003. 2003 was a busy year with 17 starts; during 2004, ten starts.  2005 was a busy year with 20 starts. After 56 starts,  March 11, 2006 Humor won her first race in a Maiden Special Weight. Not too long after her last race May 6, 2006 Humor retired at Harmony and Hope. After 58 starts, Humor’s lifetime earnings are $11,669 with her one win, and 6 seconds, 5 thirds.
Though Humor is a quiet mare, it takes only a split second for her high strung race track personality to surface.  Humor loves to play in her water tub, really enjoys a high energy grooming, is most appreciative of good conversation during a long hand walk and greatly appreciates baby carrots and apple slices.




Woodtown Bob

Born in New Mexico May 1998 Woodtown Bob is the son of Waki Bob and Miss Abigail.
Woodtown Bob's first out was June 2000 and with 75 starts including 8 wins, 10 seconds, and 11 thirds Bob was retired October 2009 at 11 years of age with total earnings of $83,000.
Woodtown Bob is indeed an honest horse, a hard working race horse that gave everything he had. For so many weeks he was suppose to be placed here, and placed there, but in the end he was headed to the local feedlot auction.  His former trainer called and said can you please take this horse before it is too late.  "Bob" came to Harmony and Hope during November 2009 and will remain with us forever. Most of the time Bob just enjoys the weather, watching birds, and a good grooming - however when there are snacks or it's meal time you have never heard a horse talk as "Bob" can.  "Bob" is just pure fun and so appreciative of any and all attention.  Sometimes I tell him - you are just a big teddy bear - all you want from life are hugs.




Impressive Sister

Born in New Mexico April 2002 Impressive Sister is the daughter of Ongoing Mister and Liberated Sister.
Impressive Sister had very little time on the race track before she became one of those to be gotten rid of.
"Sis" is as friendly, gentle and sweet as anyone could desire for a horse to be. "Sis" is a permanent resident at Harmony and Hope.




T. V. Twiggy

Born in Arizona March 1993 T. V. Twiggy is the daughter of Messenger of Song and Martial Lady.
T. V. Twiggy experienced two starts during her racing career before coming off the track.
"Twiggy" has been with Harmony and Hope a number of years and still to this day remains "shy". Some days Twiggy is interested in a short visit but most of the time just enjoys being with the other mares - especially when she figures out she can be the boss or notices you are approaching with a hand full of treats or offering a good gentle grooming. "Twiggy" is a lifetime member of Harmony and Hope.




Dancing Past

Born in California April 1997 Dancing Past is the daughter of Court Dance and Great Paster.
Dancing Past began racing in 2001 and after four starts with earnings of $460 was retired.
Fortunately Dancing Past found a good home for a number of years before being placed with Harmony and Hope.
Known as Dancee, she is a permanent resident. Dancee is quite set in her ways and selective with whom she visits.
Ruth and Dancee are good friends and always have time for each other.





Born in Kentucky February 16, 1998, Paradis is the son of Hennessy and Love From the Air.
From 2000 through early spring 2006 Paradis lived in California until his owner, John Lucian passed away during 2005.  Due to surgery during 2001 Paradis never made it to the track and is unraced.  Early spring 2006 Paradis came to the ranch with his stable mate, Hermes, as a permanent member of Harmony and Hope.  Paradis is just a gentle giant, playful at times, but as gentle as he is big and at 17 hands and nearly 1400 pounds he is big. His best day is the one when his favorite friend Bobby brings him peppermint candies. At meal time Paradis is most happy to give you a little dance, left hoof up with bent knee and a swing back and forth - Paradis is still working on the right hoof and leg dance. It is interesting that his daughter, Miz Paradis, does the same dances, better on the right hoof than Dad, but the same routine.

Improper Conduct

Improper Conduct, born March 27, 1985 in California, is the daughter of Parinda and Snappy Queen.
Sometime during her career Improper Conduct was nicknamed Icee. During her race career Icee had 34 starts from 1987 through 1991 with six wins, seven seconds and 6 thirds earning $18,917.
After racing it is known Icee had three foals, was a pleasure riding horse, may have even been a "pony" horse, then spent several years in a mounted patrol program and was "Horse 101" for new personnel.
Due to budget reductions, the city mounted patrol program was discontinued. At 25 years of age Icee finally retired coming to Harmony and Hope in May 2010. Icee is one of those "I'm Your Friend" horses with deep needs to look after everyone and everything. When the mini donkeys arrived, Icee immediately took them under her hoof. Though Icee is a friend to all she also has quite a temper.  When Icee says enough is enough she well means just that as some of the other mares have learned when they thought they should be boss. Icee you are such a special girl.
Elegant Expo

Elegant Expo, born in Arizona during January 2001, is the daughter of Mr. Expo and Forever Elegant.
"Ellie" began her racing career July 2004 racing through March 2009 with 64 starts. With seven wins, four seconds and five thirds Elegant Expo earned $38,118 during her five years racing.
"Ellie" learned how to get out the gate so well that to this day she still jumps through her pen gate when led out - guess there is no re-schooling on this learned routine. Shortly after retiring in 2009 Miss Ellie, as we refer to this beautiful mare, came to Harmony and Hope and is a permanent member. Miss Ellie still has the young filly face, is still full of fire and has the energy of three horses. It is hard to believe she celebrated her 11th Birthday this year. If there is one particular horse that enjoys being groomed, at times nearly falling asleep, it is Miss Ellie. You are a princess Miss Ellie.





Celebrating his 12th birthday this year, Kolby began his work career on a cattle ranch at the age of two during 2002. By 2006 his ranching days were over and he was purchased as a horse "for my husband and for me 'to get back in the saddle' while they waited for their young Thoroughbred filly to mature".
Kolby was able to do light riding but navicular disease in both front feet and a left rear leg stifle injury heavy with arthritis limited Kolby's ability to carry the weight of an adult. For a short time Kolby was used as a lesson horse with children. After several months pasture time and a companion horse to the young Thoroughbred filly, Kolby's owner decided in 2010 Harmony and Hope would be a good home for Kolby. Over the past fifteen months we have been able to provide Kolby some relief with corrective shoes for the navicular disease.   
Kolby is a gentle kind horse, really enjoys a hug and if you've brought a snack to go along with that hug - well, you are friends for life. Kolby is the Ranch Clown, never misses a thing and is most happy when there is time for play .......... and, Kolby still enjoys a small child on his back.